"can i have some of your fries?"


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22.Jul.14 16 hours ago
22.Jul.14 16 hours ago
22.Jul.14 16 hours ago
what is your voice in the 15$ min wage action?

I’m not too much for it. It defeats the purpose of striving harder in your education in order to achieve a higher position in the business world.
A lot of people would settle for just $15.
But of course there are pros and cons to it. Pros cause people who couldn’t afford an education could make some profit, but cons cause then it makes then lazy on trying for any other job or to aim higher. Pros because a lot of people will be able the opportunity to be employed, then cons because there would be less jobs available for those who desperately need the help. (First come, first serve) It really depends on your beliefs in the system.

Don’t take my word on it, it’s just my word from my experience

22.Jul.14 23 hours ago
do you have any shows you would recommend?

Watch some adventure time lol just to get some childishness in you going

Catfish lol I love the suspense of that show.

Game of thrones is a good choice (I just started)

Big bang theory cause I’m geeky like dat

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