Tonight’s A Long Night.

So I experienced my first car accident tonight.. 

A few hours ago, my life could have been taken away due to someone else’s carelessness.

I was on the driver’s side while I had one friend next to me, and another one in the back. 

I didn’t know if I was ready for my life to be taken away. Although, I wasn’t afraid at all.

Tonight, I can’t sleep. My body is still in shock, yet I’m mentally exhausted.

I feel the throbbing veins through my head, my vision weakens for sleep.

I want to rest, but my body allows it to go standby once it’s burnt out. T

Tonight’s a long night.

Guys. Girls. Drive safely. Accidents can happen to anyone. Anyone.

Mik Vegas

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For Y’all who are curious on how my tattoo looks up close…

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i fucking looked up eggs with legs and i’m


why are they in a cage?

otherwise they’ll eggscape

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